My Chaplaincy Journey – Shana Llorando

By ACTC / July 24, 2019
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My Chaplaincy Journey I came into contact with the Chaplaincy as a first year student at university. Back then, I was fresh faced out of Catholic college and recently stepped down from my role as a youth group leader to focus on my studies. I thought I needed to be without ‘faith’ stuff to tackle the ‘real’ stuff. But I soon realised that I needed a community of faith more than I thought, and God more than that. Luckily (or providentially), I visited Newman Hall pretty much from the beginning of my university career; it was a convenient midway stop between music classes and business classes and became the place where I would heat up my food, leave my gear and have frank conversations about life with chaplains and students alike. University was a time of change for me, and a time of questions and meeting people of different opinions, …
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